A selection of books written by acclaimed experts in their fields that add to our knowledge and provide the tools for informed debate.

These ten stories are all to an extent concerned with consolation and reflection. Since they relate to the distant view of life that age confers many begin with accounts of early youth and adolescence since the impressions of those years are often the brightest and most enduring.

For too long tradition and common sense have been marginalised by an illiberal elite, whose supposedly progressive ideology has degenerated into a collective mental malady. This treatise describes the virulent spread of ‘woke’ group-think as moralitis – a cultural virus. Robert Oulds and Niall McCrae show how and why we must protect society from the social justice agitators of subversive identity politics, and reverse their long march through the institutions. Treatment and prevention of this disease is crucial to reviving the Enlightenment values of liberty, reason and truth. Consider this book as an antidote.

Bob Lyddon is a specialist consultant in international banking.  In this important work he exposes how the EU/Eurozone participate in the rules-based international order, but break its financial rules in both letter and spirit. They  fail to adequately account for their liabilities, undermining Eurostat’s ‘General government gross debt’ as a reliable figure.  As a result the EU’s ‘General government gross debt’ is understated by 44% if one takes account of the shadow debts, and by 70% if one factors in the contingent liabilities as well

A Rhino Through the Looking Glass
Sex, booze, politics, intrigue, betrayal, danger... now I've got your attention, I would like to tell you my story.

This fun and frank look at the life of a man who found himself in politics and the unexpected journey that led him to be a part of some tumultuous events. All of this is relayed with brutal honesty sparing nobody’s blushes particularly not the author’s.

After reading this book one will have learnt what it was like to be caught up in the madness of these times. The overwhelming highs of victory and the crushing lows when it all goes wrong. It’s a tale of rags to riches and then a story of his fall and redemption after much recklessness, tribulations, and travails. The story shows that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

In 2015 a book was written entitled The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man Made Viruses As Genetic Bioweapons – written by a group of Chinese military scientists and weapons experts – it very quickly disappeared from circulation – presumably as somebody in China realised the implications of such a document achieving worldwide circulation. The Chinese authorities have consistently denied any involvement in the production of such a weapon, and inspection by scientists from the WHO would appear to support their claim. However, not everyone is convinced, and there is continued and growing pressure on the Chinese authorities to give full, unfettered access to their bioweapons programme, and to publish their research findings. So was Covid caused through zoonotic transmission, or something far more sinister? Read the book and draw your own conclusions….